What is Javatar?

Javatar is an online multiplayer dungeon adventure game, where players team up to explore the dungeon, battle monsters and find treasure.   Please note:  Javatar is a simulation of the classic game Avatar.  This simulation aims at recreating the look, feel and game play of the original game while presenting it on a modern platform.   Avatar has a rich history, and Javatar is an effort to keep that history alive. 

How do I play Javatar?

You can download the Javatar executable for Mac, Windows, and Linux  from the main page.  The cross-platform executable requires Java to run, which you can also download via a link from the main page.  

You can play Javatar through a web browser by clicking on the 'Play Javatar' link from the main page of this site.  Click on the area of your browser containing the black box with orange text and press 'Enter' to get to the main login screen. (Your browser must be compatible with Javascript to run the web client; most modern browsers support Javascript natively.)  

If you don't have an account already, press SHIFT-ENTER at the main screen to create one.  Once you are logged in, press 'h' to view the help pages.  The help pages will quickly get you up to speed on how to play.

How many characters can I run in Javatar? 

For now you can create and run as many characters as you want. Keep in mind that you will need to create more than one account if you want to run more than one character in the dungeon simultaneously. 

Did you get permission to create Javatar?

Yes.  The original avatar authors/copyright holders graciously granted permission for the porting of Avatar to Javatar, as well as permission to host sessions of the game on the internet.   They did this out of a desire to see their game live on.  

What hardware does javatar.org use? 

Javatar.org runs on a dual core Intel Xenon server.  The system utilizes a cloud based backup system to safeguard against data loss. 


What makes this version of the game different than others that are available? 

There are no restrictions on the number of characters you can run. Wizards and Seekers cast word of recall as they did in some past versions. A number of convenience features are available here, like automatically passing over treasure. If you die, the city guard will rescue you (for a price) if you can't find another player to do so. The economy is set up in such a way that characters late to the game will still receive as much gold from chests/monsters as people who first started. Javatar has no auto-deletion routine. If you make a character, it will stick around until *you* delete it, or the operators decide to reset the game.